• Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

Ask the Right Questions Before Buying a Used Car

Darby Auto Center in Darby Pennsyvania. Car lot photo of used car dealership in Delaware County PA.

The data from multiple sources show people in the United States are driving their cars longer than ever. It explains why the average age of a vehicle on the American road is 11 years – and why used car dealerships are front and center. More than one financial expert advises people to by a pre-owned car or truck rather than a new one. Better designed automobiles and more adherence to scheduled maintenance plans mean you can drive older vehicles with confidence. Pre-driven vehicles offered for sale by reputable dealers today are subjected to thorough inspections – commonly more than 100 checkpoints. 

Despite all of the improvements, the final responsibility to ask the right questions and make an informed decision falls on the used car buyer’s shoulders. One strategy recommended by automotive experts is making sure to review the vehicle title. It shows the number of previous owners and lists them by name. The vehicle history report also provides vital information such as past accidents and whether they were fender benders or more significant. When you begin to read data from multiple sources, you have a clear picture of the vehicle you’re considering buying. It will help you make a better decision.

Becoming better informed about buying used cars helps you ask better questions, and browsing virtual showrooms is an excellent source of information. Online you’ll find a dealer’s entire selection of pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs complete with full details about each one.  The best auto sales websites have comparison options allowing you to select a group of vehicles and see how they stack up against each other. Pay attention to mileage, but it should not be your only concern. If the inspection report does not cite excess wear and tear, then it is a factor to consider but not the only one.

As hard as it might be to believe, some used car shoppers are not as focused on test drives as they could be. Nothing replaces the experience of sitting behind the wheel and experiencing a vehicle in operation. Even if you are pressed for time while auto shopping, make time for test drives. By testing several cars, you have a better idea of how they are different from each other and what performance characteristics suit you. No two people are alike, and the cars we prefer differs by individual. Asking questions along the way during the test drive process will yield valuable information for your decision.


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