• Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

All That You Wanted To Know About Powder Coating

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Powder coating is a type of finish produced by spraying the components with a dry, free-flowing material. The items are then put into the oven, where the material is heated or cured to create a smooth skin coating. It is different from traditional wet paint application in that no solvent keeps the painting together and suspends it in liquid form. The powder is instead charged electrically and typically sprayed using a powder spray device.

Although the benefits outweigh the drawbacks of powder coating, there are still some limitations to the technology. Thick coatings are readily applied and represent a smooth coating, but thinner coatings tend to look rougher.

The powders utilized do not produce any volatile organic compounds or VOCs that make it better for the environment and healthier for the end-user. The coating could be applied thicker than conventional liquid paint without the risk of sagging or running. The overspray can be reused if a cartridge booth is utilized.

In effect, the system allows the user to achieve almost 100% use of the coating. The overall cost of operating and purchasing the powder coating system’s equipment is less than the traditional liquid lines. Lastly, it is more versatile and allows for more specialty effects over the liquid coating option.

Powder Coating is a common trend for the coating industry. More and more businesses are moving from liquid paint lines to powder for cost-effectiveness, protection, and better efficiency. Rustylions Powder coating specializes in powder coating for all types of businesses- manufacturing, industrial, metal fabrication, and auto parts. We also offer additional services like – welding along with railings, outdoor and indoor furniture, and refinishing. Rustylions also assist machine shops and manufacturing finishing services. For all your powder coating requirements, call Rustylions Powder coating at 347-613-8103/ 973-459-8515 today.


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