• Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

Cleaning Historic Offices in the Era of COVID-19

Some of the world’s most elaborate and historic commercial buildings are located in New York City, and now they must be disinfected against COVID-19. Companies that occupy these buildings need an exceptional NYC office cleaning service to sanitize their premises while protecting the historic interiors. The right products and techniques must be used to produce the required result – sanitized surfaces to help prevent transmission of the coronavirus. It also takes a well-trained team with the right implements and know-how. Routine professional sanitizing is crucial for Public health needs today.

In older and higher-end offices, it’s common to have natural wood furniture and even paneling. When these are in areas shared by many, they must be disinfected along with everything else. But misting treatments and other techniques may not be right for these delicate surfaces. It’s when the expertise of experienced pros comes into play. They understand the right products and methods to sanitize any surface. There will be no sacrifice of results and also no damage. It’s a complicated process in some interiors, but because of the gravity of the situation, there can be no compromises.

During the same visits, the COVID-19 disinfecting takes place, excellent standard office cleaning needs to take place as well. Dust eradication is an extra step taken by better janitorial services. It helps allergy and asthma sufferers by reducing particulate pollution (and dust mites) and makes your office noticeably cleaner. Surface dusting complements vacuuming with high-filtration equipment. Carpets and any upholstered surfaces can harbor large amounts of dust that needs to be vacuumed away routinely. Anyone who looks closely will notice immediately that your offices are free from dust.

Professional floor care also is essential. It ranges from carpet cleaning to scrubbing and polishing hard floors. If your historic building has stone, slate, or marble floors, they need to be expertly cleaned. The right products and equipment are essential, or they can be dulled or discolored. Older floors can be some of the world’s most beautiful, but only when properly maintained. Slate and stone are especially prone to a cloudy surface appearance when they are mopped improperly. It takes specialized cleaning solutions applied with the proper implements to keep them looking their best always.

SanMar is a one-of-a-kind contractor providing the most effective office cleaning NYC has to offer. Our professional office cleaners are trained and skilled in the latest techniques and practices. Contracting SanMar’s professional office cleaners is sure to be a refreshing experience because our expert team attends to every detail. Our people are thorough, detail-oriented and proactive — always doing everything they can to ensure you are 100% satisfied and your office is spotless.

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