• Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

Here Are A Few Vital Reasons For Choosing Powder Coating Over Other Painting Methods

Powder coating is an effective method used on most, if not all, forms of metals to administer a shielding or cosmetic coating that can be utilized in a wide range of residential or industrial applications. This process relies on a mixture of fine resin and pigment particles that are sprayed electrostatically onto a surface that needs to be coated.

Electrically charged particles are permitted to attach or stick onto a metal surface and then heated in a curing oven to an appropriate temperature, which then renders the coated surface to be durable, smooth, and enticing. The convenience and longevity of powder coating have made this technique a popular choice as a high-quality finish for several industries.

Durability:~ A metal surface covered with a powder coating process offers a long-lasting, durable, and cost-effective finish. A durable surface with this form of coating is much more resistant to fading, scratching, and chipping than many other finishing methods used in different industries. Like any other form of paint or coating, the powder coat can be coated in almost any color imaginable, from high gloss, satin, matte, fluorescent, and smooth.

If professionally applied, the coating will remain vibrant and bright for the long-term. Beyond the most common smooth coating, it is also possible to get this protective shield in textured finishes, which is a practical choice if wishing to coat something with pre existing surface blemishes.

Eco-friendly:~ One of the key features to make the powder coating future proof is its ability to be friendly to the environment. Certain other liquid finishes on the market come with solvents that aren’t environment friendly; these solvents contain such toxins as volatile organic compounds (VOC), which can escape into the atmosphere.

Powder coating does not release compounds into the environment when used. An additional benefit of using powder coating is that it does not require to purchase expensive tools or operate the necessary equipment needed to control pollution emitted from the other standard practices.

Reduce Costs:~ The combined elimination of waste and the nearly complete removal of volatile organic compounds emitted into the atmosphere make it much safer for businesses to save on the continuing costs of operating a business and make it simpler to comply with local environmental conservation legislation.

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Powder coating is a dry finishing proces which was started during 40s. Introduced in 60s in north-america, powder-coating is is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. It is used in coating of metals, such as household appliances, aluminium extrusions, drum hardware and automobile and bicycle parts. Powder coating is based on polymer resin systems & is a high-quality finishing foor the thousands of products we come in contact with each day.Thus we can say that Powder coating is usually used to create a hard finishing (tougher/harder than conventional paint).

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