• Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

Is There More Than One Type Of Powder Coating?

You already know that powder coating is an excellent method of painting that produces a rugged, reliable, and beautiful finish, whether you are new to it or a seasoned professional. The method is basically the same, whether you use a single gun and a small oven or a long, fully automated line. A powder spray gun is utilized, which, when triggered, gives an electrostatic-charge to the powder particles moving through it.

As the parts to be covered are grounded, the electrostatic process draws the powder towards the part. Once the powder is sprayed, the parts are cured in an oven that melts and cross-links the powder over the part’s surface, producing a durable, scratch-resistant, and beautiful finish.

The powder coatings have thousands of different uses. Powder coating is primarily used on metals. Therefore it is ideal for industrial parts, medical devices, architectural applications, automotive refinishing, the list goes on!

Powder coating also provides a wide variety of special effects, which are difficult to achieve by traditional methods. But let’s have a peek at a few of the various powders used to help make those characteristics come true.

Super Durable Polyesters
Epoxy-Polyester Hybrids

Powder coatings are a genuinely excellent coating choice with so many product options depending on what you need them to do. And that is even before we get to the thousands of available colors and special effects!

There are different characteristics of the various powders used in the powder coating industry, which make them ideal for different applications. Rustylions Powder coating specializes in powder-coating for all & every type of business, from manufacturing, industrial, metal fabrication to auto parts. We also offer other services, including welding along with railings, outdoor and indoor furniture, and refinishing. Rustylions also assist machine shops & in finishing services. For all your powder coating requirements, call our experts at 1-347-613-8103/ 973-459-8515 today.



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