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Social media is one of the biggest aspects of our current digital age. A significant part of our daily lives goes into keeping in touch and learning about our environment through social media. Among the different popular social media platforms available like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, Twitter has a unique user experience. By only letting users post short “tweets” of 140 characters or less, Twitter has managed to attract a userbase that no other platform has managed to crack. Its large userbase is why marketing on Twitter is a separate ball-game and deserves a separate strategy.

All major businesses and brands maintain active Twitter accounts to form a close relationship with old and prospective customers. Better outreach and a solid relationship with consumers has been shown to lead to growth in sales and scope. As Twitter holds the opportunity to deliver both, Twitter marketing has become one of the most demanded services from internet marketing agencies by businesses looking to grow.

However, the very nature of Twitter, which makes it such a popular social media platform and a favorite of businesses to spread their brand awareness, is also the reason that Twitter marketing is not easy. With the content limitation and so many people posting tweets every day ( 500 million tweets per day back in 2014! ), tweets of a certain marketing campaign can get lost in the noise.

The above is what often happens when businesses try to carry out Twitter marketing campaigns themselves. To avoid this, save resources and get solid results, most businesses tend to hire professional Twitter marketing agencies. Regardless, a business needs to know what a successful Twitter marketing campaign looks like to gauge the results if an agency is being consulted.

Read on to find out some aspects of a successful Twitter marketing strategy and the details that need to be kept in focus when designing one.

Twitter Profile Comes First

The info of the user is the first thing that catches your attention as you open their profile. It includes their name, their Twitter handle, and a short description of them. A quick read through this info sets the stage for the first impression of the profile owner. This is one of the first aspects a professional Twitter marketing agency focuses on because of its impact on the viewer. For a business to make a memorable first splash, it needs to develop a unique profile.

While names are often straightforward, a catchy and easy-to-remember Twitter handle is crucial. Such a Twitter handle will be easy to mention in tweets by satisfied consumers when they post reviews or for prospective customers to search the profile. After that, a short and straightforward bio is effective only when it successfully introduces the brand. By appearing instantly relevant to the target consumers, it greatly benefits the marketing on Twitter. It also sets the brand apart as confident and professional.

Understand The Power & Appeal Of Twitter

Twitter is not just limited to “tweets” and “retweets.” The culture of Tweets is an entity in itself with terms like “Most Trending,” hashtags, and “threads” of multiple tweets, to name a few. For a Twitter marketing service to be deemed effective, it needs to understand these terms and how they can benefit campaigns.

For example, marketing campaigns tend to focus on reaching the “Most Trending” table as it is evidence of enormous online attention and brings in more attention. In the case of hashtags, they are commonly overused and end up hurting the campaign in the process. This is why professional Twitter marketing agencies focus on using hashtags the right way by including only necessary ones. There have been instances where brands have come up with clever ideas for Twitter that have gone viral, but many have flopped as well.

Additional Insight Through Helpful Utilities

One of the most helpful tools offered by Twitter is their analytics tool to help anyone gauge the level of engagement they are getting on the platform. This utility is frequently used by Twitter marketing services to show active results of their campaigns to their clients and improve these campaigns. The analytics tool should drive the marketing strategies for Twitter so that they can be made most effective.

Another helpful utility which Twitter offers is its advanced search tool that helps you find tweets that mention those keywords. This can help reach out to specific customers who need a business’s service and have a higher chance of availing it, thus increasing our customer outreach.   

Twitter marketing is not easy to crack. With the right understanding of the consumer market and the abilities of Twitter, creating and managing a marketing campaign on Twitter can be made much easier. As given above, businesses need to ensure their profile is concise and effectively written so that the reader can instantly form a positive opinion. Besides that, brands also need to utilize the many different Twitter utilities like hashtags and analytics to bring a Twitter marketing campaign within everyone’s sight effectively. 

Search Marketing Experts, a US-based digital marketing company, provides digital marketing solutions to businesses in the United States. For more than 15 years, the company offers digital marketing services to both SMEs and large-scale enterprises. The services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaigns.
Search Marketing Experts

Search Marketing Experts

Search Marketing Experts, a US-based digital marketing company, provides digital marketing solutions to businesses in the United States.

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