• Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

Podcast Marketing: 6 Sure-Fire Ways to Grow Your Audience

If you want to connect with your audience then a very good way of doing this is podcast. It doesn’t matter if you are shopping, running or driving, you can listen to the podcast any time. It gives you a feeling as if you are chatting with your friend. The podcast serves as gold among the written content and the video. It has been found that monthly podcasts are popular among 25 to 54 years aged one-third people of America. The number of people listening to these shows all over the world is increasing day by day. Now I am going to tell you some ways to grow your podcast audience.

1. Your podcast’s title needs to be strategic Give priority to the name of your show. The success of a show depends a lot on its name. It will help you a lot in achieving very good results. The listeners can easily search you if your show title is strategic. Always give consideration to the ideal listener before giving a name to your show. Which type of show they want to listen to in the podcast player and what type of searches are made by them? What kind of job do they do and to which industry they belong? Thus, as per the interest of the listeners you need to name your show.

2. Do proper planning before creating the content You will not get any subscribers if you will not create a good content. It is possible to get good ROI if the content is relevant and helpful. If you want to sell stuff via your show then it is not good. Listening an infomercial will not be the interest of the people and they will not like subscribing to the show. If your content will help them in their life and in doing jobs by giving them real advice then they will take interest in your show. The ideal listeners may take interest in certain topics. By keeping those topics into consideration, you need to plan your show accordingly.

3. Build a plan to launch promotion The two ways for the successful launch of the show are:

(i) Try to include 8-10 episodes instead of a single episode – If you will include only one episode in the show then the listeners will not subscribe to it. Therefore, it will be good to record at least 8 to 10 episodes. It will benefit you in a number of ways:

  • Your credibility among the listeners will increase.
  • Because of the multiple episodes, drawing the attention of the people will become very easy.
  • More episodes will increase your download count.

(ii) Try to get ratings in the podcasts of Apple – In the market, the podcast platform which occupies the number one spot is the Apple podcast. If a large number of people are listening to a particular podcast player then stocking up its ratings and reviews will be a good idea. Ask your network, your company, family and friends to rate the Apple Podcasts.

4. Take the benefit of YouTube You may be putting micro-videos on your podcast. It will be good for you to use YouTube for publishing the episodes of full-interview. Now, how will you optimize videos on YouTube?

  • In order to catch the attention of the viewer, use thumbnails on YouTube.
  • It will be good for you if your videos incorporate intro and outro that is branded and simple.
  • In your video’s title include the targeted keyword.
  • In the blog article, include a video from YouTube.
  • The people will spend more time on the page if in the blog post you embed the videos from YouTube.

5. Use funny videos for the promotion of your show If you make the people laugh then they will definitely like your show. The visitors will take interest in your brand if you will show them funny videos that they will not forget. In your video’s end use a suitable CTA.

6. Take benefit from the email signatures of your team For the benefit of your podcast send emails to the people. If you are interested in promoting your show then it will be a good idea that your team gets the benefit of those email signature graphics that are professional with the help of Sigstr tool.

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