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“To pack lights and lamps in the correct manner, you have to read this article. Get some amazing tips so that you can do it the right way”.

Moving is quite tricky. You have a lot of work to do. You might feel emotional as well, especially if this is your first time. You have so much on your plate and thus, you can feel confused as well.

Now comes the million-dollar question – how will you pack the most delicate items? Just wrapping them and keeping them in boxes, won’t do! You need the help of a professional moving company Chicago to make sure that things don’t break, chip or get damaged. The best part about movers is that they come prepared with all kinds of packing material. We are talking about lights, lamps, chandeliers and more. You should also be careful about your Kitchen China, etc.

You should unplug the electronics and make sure that they are not hot. You should also write “delicate” on the cartons. You can also color code the boxes if required. This way, the people involved in the relocation would know how to handle the cartons. It is very important that they don’t throw them or keep them with a jerk. The driver of the truck needs to be a little careful as well. But at the end of it all, it is the packing that matters. Most of the professional movers Chicago know how to pack them in the right way.

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You should or the movers should remove all the cables and plugs so that you can easily stuff them into boxes. The pieces should be separated from one another. Take pictures if required before packing them. Mar the boxes so that it is easier for you when you unpack and assemble the items. Write down every single detail on the labels.

After you are done unplugging, kindly wrap the lamps and lights with the help of proper materials. If your chosen movers are coming prepared with the same, then you do not have to worry at all. You can use bubble wraps, old newspaper, packing paper, etc. to secure your delicate lights and bulbs. This should also be done for the chandeliers. You must secure the boxes well with loads of tape.   Stuff the cartons well so that there is no space left!

As mentioned earlier, you should pay extra importance to labels. The ones with labels get handled differently than the ones that have no such labels. So keep this pointer in mind.

Reputed long distance moving companies Chicago have good drivers and trucks and thus, you should hire them. Also, if you have expensive lights, get them insured so that you get compensated even if any accident occurs. I think this is a very smart thing to do. The driver should be skilled enough to ensure safe traveling. When the movers unload the boxes, they should handle them with care as well.

So these are a few things that you need to keep in mind. To choose the best office movers Chicago, read my other blogs and articles.


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