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The Best Boarding School For Boys: Know More!

History is a witness that almost everyone in the 20th and the 21st century has had his/her primary, secondary and higher education holistically in the thousands of schools and educational centers spread across the planet for serving different purposes. Rarely do we find information about any human being that ever existed and grew up as a civilized one without being enlightened under the tutelage of a higher authority.

In the corporate 21st century, these learning centers are largely observed to be found in two main forms. The majority of these, though, especially in developed and developing countries like the US, UK, Japan, China and India, belong to the onethat serves as migration centerswhere the children are provided with food, shelter and other basic amenities. At the same time, they are educated holistically in the first 10-15 years after birth. These centers are commonly referred to as Boarding Schools.              

The growth of boarding schools:

The best boarding school for boys is usually responsible for the primary/elementary, secondary and higher education of their students. Their campuses may be limited to a few buildings or may even span the area equivalent to several Sports fields.Most of them are independent (private), but some like the Children’s University in Gujarat, India,is run by the Government.

Boarding schools take admissions at a very young age. At the age of so young, children are unable to make decisions for themselves, and thus, almost all the borders are in the school because of their parents, whether the child likes it or not.

There is no denying of the fact that the boarding schools are providing better quality education than day schools. They have better teaching faculty, better-equipped labs, better infrastructure, and a well-stocked library. The fee of boarding schools is way more than that of a day school, so obviously, they will provide better facilities.

The aim:

The main aim of any school is to provide education and to develop their personality to make them future-ready. Both the boarding and the day schools give that a child, but at the end of the day, everyone wants to be surrounded by their loved ones, by their known ones, the one with whom they may feel connected, the one that gives them comfort after a hard day. And all this is not possible in boarding schools. So we need to re-think about sending children to boarding schools.  

The advantage:

A Boarding School may be primarily dedicated to the growth of its pupils that mainly consist of the children from the common masses who attain education in return for the fees paid. However, some schools even play the role of orphanages and homes for the especially abled. They provide shelter and food to the children who suffer from problems that deem them unfit for living within the society. For example, the Council of Schools and Services for the Blind (COSB) in the USA and Canada make sure that the visual impairment doesn’t come in the way of a child’s growth.

The dedicating factor:

Best Boarding School for boys instill a sense of harmony, discipline, respect for hierarchy, law and order and independent living in their students. In some schools, the students are even made to clean their hostels and their classrooms in return for a few grades to teach them the value of time and labor. Each student is counted as one amongst many and is rewarded according to his/her accomplishments. However, these schools are most of all boys’, without co-educational learning. There are separate hostels for boys of all age groups.

The final thought!

The off-campus hours for students vary according to the norms of the school and usually range from 3-4 hours after the daily schedule of the classes. Usually, the classes are held five days a week, and the students are allowed to spend the weekends along with their family and friends. One of the perks indeed, of being in any boarding school for a student, is that they have the opportunity of visiting a large no. of educational tours and excursions with their friends and teachers, unlike the day schools that though have them, but very few.






Col. Brown Cambridge School is amongst the best boarding school in Dehradun for boys. Admission to Col. Brown School is done in the month of March/July each year on the basis of merit after conducting a written test. The aim of Col. Brown Cambridge School is to acquaint a child with the initial steps of education, be it mental, physical or moral, so that when they venture into the world on their own they are recognized as respectable citizens of the country. Striving hard behind these ‘Gentlemen’ of the future is the earnest effort of the teaching fraternity of Col. Brown Cambridge School. In pursuance of this aim certain rules and regulations are laid which are followed rigidly for maintaining the decorum and discipline of the school.
Colbrown school

Colbrown school

Col Brown School is among the best residential boys boarding school in Dehradun, Uttrakhand.

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