• Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

The Need for Search Engine Optimization is Skyrocketing

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Ever since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, people and businesses in the Delaware Valley have moved many things online. There are virtual showrooms for car shoppers, 360-degree virtual tours for real estate showings, and explosive growth in eCommerce shopping. Given these advances, it’s no wonder Philadelphia SEO companies are in such high demand. It’s because search engine optimization is the key to helping customers find the products and services they need online. It’s a form of marketing that has become one of the most essential to success in business around the world today.

Many transitions to online alternatives from in-person experiences were underway long before the coronavirus’s arrival, but it accelerated changes as never before. In many cases, there are tremendous increases in convenience handling things online as opposed to in-person. Some excellent examples are car shopping and real estate buying. Browsing an auto dealer’s virtual showroom of new and used cars and trucks takes a fraction of the time it would require to go in person. By entering parameters for a digital auto search instantly displays the vehicles, you’re more interested in seeing.

House and apartment hunting also is being transformed. Nearly all real estate brokerages now provide virtual home and apartment tours. As their capabilities and sophistication increase, you can virtually walk a property for an experience like being there in person. Advanced zoom and rotation capabilities allow you to look closely at every square inch of a house or apartment and examine all points of interest on the property. The best virtual tours also include additional elements like garages and backyards so you can get a complete feel for the property directly from your smartphone or laptop.

In light of these new realities, all businesses from small to large are expanding their digital marketing efforts with an emphasis on better user experience on their websites and search engine optimization (SEO). Both are crucial to helping new and existing customers find a website and then use it to research or purchase the goods and services they need. Gone are the days when merely having a rudimentary website was enough. Now a successful business requires an active online presence that includes a well planned and executed digital marketing program that optimizes website performance.


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