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Sexual Health: Not A Taboo Anymore!

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The word “sex” is still a taboo in our country. Talking about it with family or in public is a “Shhhh” factor. What most people believe about sexual health is to prevent oneself from sexually transmitted diseases or to avoid unwanted pregnancies. The topic is much broader than just avoiding STDs or pregnancies.

Being sexually healthy means to accept your sexual preferences and respecting others. It also means having a satisfactory sexual pleasure with or without a partner, talking to your partner about your sexual preferences, having access to health benefits, and most importantly being able to talk about it openly.

When talking about sexual health, the major pinpoint that arises is awareness about safe sex which is still not a major concern in our country. That is why in most cases unwanted pregnancies occur. The most suitable advice for a sexually active person to be aware of his sexual whereabouts is to consult a sexologist or a sex doctor between uniform gaps.

The mistake that most people commit is to misunderstand the role of a sex doctor. According to the majority, a sex therapist is only needed if you aren’t able to get sexual pleasure or if you have any discomfort in your pelvic zone. For boys, they can’t talk about visiting a sex consultant because the only assumption would be erectile dysfunction and that for most people is shameful. The high time is to kill these myths and taboos.

The most ignored topic after mental health is sexual health. Just like any other health issue talking to a doctor about your sex life is nothing to be ashamed of. While many couples consider is awkward and embarrassing to talk to an unknown about their bedroom issues, sometimes it becomes necessary to consult one. The following reasons might help:

Your Orgasms Don’t Care: Orgasms are mean. Sometimes it becomes nearly impossible to have your climax even after you try almost everything. A therapist is a must-visit in such a case.

Masturbation Is All You Want: Even after being in a happy relationship, you would prefer your orgasms in your bathroom rather than on bed with your significant other. You should visit a sex therapist in this case.

Your Sexual Identity Questions You: This is the most common problem that is seen. Growing up in a patriarchal society you grow up to believe that like others you are straight too and have relationships with the opposite sex. But during intercourse, your own sexual identity questions you every time. If you’re facing questionable issues go to a sex doctor.

Your Bodies Resist Your Pleasure: Due to pressure of performance most men face erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. While in girls, anxiety causes vaginal dryness or vaginal pain. This can cause sexual tension between both the partners. A sexologist would be of great help then.

Your Partner Has Different Choices: The major reason for tension between partners is sometimes when both want to explore different things on the bed. This can cause sexual tension. A sex therapist may consult you to settle on aggregable terms.

There are many sex Doctor in Delhi that you can visit if you are facing sex health issues, difficulty in communicating with your partner, or pleasure issues. Good advice can help you reach the climax that your body needs.


Sex is an essential part of every individual. Apart from reproduction, sex is essential for various reasons like a healthy relationship, fitness, and good mental health as well. There are so many mental, physical, and emotional benefits associated with sex. So, every individual needs to make sure they do their best in maintaining a healthy sex life.
Dawa khanas

Dawa khanas

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