• Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

The Most Effective Office Cleaning Might Surprise You

Ever since the arrival of COVID-19, sanitizing surfaces and filtering the air have become significant cleaning priorities for offices and other businesses. But in New York City, the best NYC office cleaning companies go beyond the usual when they clean. Of course, disinfecting surfaces will continue to be required as a precaution against coronavirus, but other things like dust eradication also matter a lot. A surprisingly large number of people suffer from asthma and allergies – and many of them may be your coworkers. Their comfort and productivity at work can be affected by dust and dust mites.

At first, you might think dusting is more for home cleaning than office janitorial services, but then consider how much time you spend at work. As a result, the office’s indoor air quality matters significantly because you are there are breathing it in for many hours a week. Outstanding cleaning services make sure to dust surfaces with the right products and microfiber cloths. But they also focus on places where dust can hide all around the office. Upholstered furniture is one such area. It needs to be vacuumed routinely along with carpets to keep it clean and free from an abundance of dust.

High-filtration vacuum bags and filters sometimes referred to as HEPA filtration, also are crucial to dust eradication. Many trap particles as small as five microns, which is many times smaller than the head of a pin. Particulate pollution (dust) in indoor air is a significant symptom trigger for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. When the particles are trapped and removed continuously, the indoor air quality improves. Unfortunately, many particles blow in each time a door or window is opened, so the work needs to be consistent and continuous. It’s another reason to have your office cleaned daily.

Your office HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system has filters. They also play a crucial role in trapping dust, keeping your office clean, and improving indoor air quality. Make sure your office maintenance team is maintaining the filters and changing them routinely. It will also enhance the efficiency of the systems and save money. Office cleaning basics like emptying the trash, sweeping the floors, and cleaning the restrooms always will be essential. But there are some other functions like dusting that have a much more significant impact than you might imagine.

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