• Thu. May 6th, 2021

Unique Copper Torches Unite Harmony and Function

Outdoor and patio torches present a unique practical opportunity to elevate the style of your outdoor decor while providing several functions bundled into one. When placed judiciously around an outdoor space, garden torches will provide two very valuable functions – they provide light, and depending on how you fill them and what fuel you use, they can also be used to keep the bugs away, especially through the hotter summer months.


Electric lighting is convenient and practical, and it can be turned on at a moment’s notice, but for outdoor entertaining, there’s just something about the simple allure of the firelight that makes intimate gatherings so much more enjoyable. The gentle glow of fire seems to bring people closer together and makes the good times better. For any of you that don’t have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, copper outdoor torches represent a unique and practical way to illuminate your outdoor entertaining spaces.

Such copper torches like those available at H Potter are convenient and can be placed where you need them. They offer free-standing models as well as tabletop models, perfect for nearly any outdoor setting. Whether you’re looking to ring your patio with some gentle firelight or would just like a special little tabletop accent, they have plenty of options.

Their copper torches are useful for more than simply providing a gentle, pleasant light. In the warmer months, you can fill them with citronella oil. Fuels like these provide light and help to keep biting insects away, providing two functions in one. Electric lights don’t do that same; in fact, they often attract insects! In this regard alone, the pleasant light of a torch offers much more to love.

They’re also easy and convenient to use and some of them are highly portable. Their tabletop models, in particular, can go where you need them and when you need them. H Potter’s team also places a very high emphasis on quality. All of the items for sale on their website, hpotter.com, are made by hand from the highest quality materials. This, of course, includes their copper torches.

Many highlights from their collection feature stainless steel construction to which an antique copper finish has been applied by hand. Since they are all handmade, each piece of art from their store exhibits a character of its own; no two items will be exactly alike, and each is imbued with unique characteristics and personality.

Many of their torches also come with powder-coated, cast iron bases. These are heavy, sturdy and solid, and intended to provide you with years of enjoyment and functionality. They’re not made to last one season; they’re made to last a lifetime with proper care, and their powder coat finish will help see to that.

For those of you who are interested in patio torches or tabletop torches that are not sure that copper makes the best match for your surroundings, H Potter offers much more variety in creative, handmade outdoor lighting solutions. In addition to their copper torches, they also sell brass torches and hand-blown glass torches, in a variety of shapes and sizes. Like their copper models, these torches are made by hand and each one of them is entirely unique, a true handmade work of art with personality in a world where many goods are now produced by machine.

To learn more about their handmade torches and other handmade decorative items for your home and garden, visit their website, hpotter.com. There you’ll see what they have for sale and can learn more about what creates quality in their one-of-a-kind offerings. Of course, if you still have questions at the end of it, give them a call at 208-640-4206.

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