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What are the types of payroll services in Singapore?

Singapore is one of the favorites when it comes to conducting or expanding businesses. This is because Singapore offers one of the most open and easy policies when it comes to building and operating firms and companies. There is a high number of companies in Singapore that open jobs to many individuals. This is why both local and foreign individuals flock to the business districts of Singapore to get a job from different sectors and industries. 

Since there are a lot of different businesses in Singapore that offer a variety of goods and services, there are also various companies that offer third-party services that aim to aid these big companies. These third-party firms are now gaining popularity as more companies seek their services. One of the services that they offer is payroll Singapore services.

Payroll is one of the most complicated parts of a business especially if you are a big firm. This is because there are several things that need to be followed according to the law. Keeping track of this financial matter may also be hard for big companies. This is why a lot of payroll services Singapore firms have taken advantage of and offered such kinds of services. 

These payroll Singapore firms usually charge S$10 to S$25 per employee during paydays. This fee can be discounted depending on the volume of employees per company. As previously mentioned, payroll is not just paying your employees. This process is not just done carelessly. A lot of things must be considered in this as there are laws and regulations exist to make sure that employees are paid accordingly. 

Things to remember

#1 Employment

In Singapore, there is an existing Employment Act to make sure that payroll Singapore systems are fair to employees. In this, the rights and roles of an employee are written down in detail. The duties and roles of the employers to their employees are also written here. This includes the payroll Singapore duty of an employer. 

Payroll services Singapore firms know this act in detail as they are the ones required to carry out the provisions in this law. Since employers are hiring the payroll services Singapore firms, these firms should make sure that the company or client is abiding by these sensitive laws. This also serves as one of the benefits of hiring a payroll services Singapore firm.

This act states that employees should work a maximum of eight hours a day, 44 hours a week, and in no more than six consecutive hours. The Act states that these hours should be paid accordingly during payroll Singapore dates. 

Singaporean companies sometimes hire foreign employees due to many reasons. However, even if they are foreigners, the Employment Act still protects their rights to fair and rightful pay for the amount of work they contribute to the company. This means that the payroll services Singapore firm should be able to pay and give the same for foreign employees.

#2 Severance and compensation fees

One of the most common compensations in the work environment is the 13th-month pay, however, Singapore doesn’t have a law that legally requires companies to do this. Payroll services Singapore firms recommend clients to give this out because employees tend to be more productive when there is more incentive. 

Severance pay is also not legally required however, almost all companies pay between two weeks or one month of the salary whenever this happens. However, it takes a long process for foreign employees to get this as there are a lot of steps to be followed.

#3 Tax and Social Security

Singapore is considered to have one of the most progressive tax laws and policies. They implement low tax rates compared to other countries. This is favorable to employees as they can bring home more of their salary. This is also the reason why there are a lot of individuals that want to work in Singapore. 

During the payroll Singapore payday, employees get to bring home more salary for themselves or their families. There are also no capital gains or inheritance taxes because residents are only taxed based on incomes earned in Singapore. 

When it comes to Social Security, both employers and employees are required to make a contribution during the payroll Singapore payday. The amount would depend on the salary of the employee. 

Hire one today

The payroll Singapore system is a complicated thing that is why it is more advisable to hire a firm that offers these kinds of services. WLP Group offers the most affordable and efficient payroll services Singapore system. Visit us today to know more.

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