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Web development has become quite a competitive field in Qatar. There are various developers with different prices, interests, and skillsets. Hence, it naturally becomes difficult to look for the right kind of best website developer in Qatar. You first need to be aware of your needs, then look for particular traits for your particular project.

A website developer in Qatar needs to combine several crucial traits, and these are all mandatory. Here, we have described some of the most important traits that a web developer should have –

Value for Client –

The website developer in Qatar that you choose should not just blindly make whatever you ask of him/her. The person needs to know solutions to the problems that you probably didn’t even consider. He/she needs to strategize with you as partners and bring in better ways to solve your goals.

As a client, you will be able to identify this when you meet your developer for the first time. He/she should clearly understand your goals and should be able to piece together the processes and technologies that would move those goals forward. Another great way would be to check the track record of the developer with any previous clients.

Technical skills –

Your website developer in Qatar should understand all technologies that come in to play for your project. This could include –

  • HTML markup as well as CSS styles which are compliant, sensible with the best practices and are compatible with all browsers
  • Complex projects need to be turned into secure, clean, extensible, reliable PHP code.
  • Writing of JavaScript which works as it should and does not bog down the performance
  • WordPress knowledge such that he/she can code in the environment that it creates.
  • Should be able to troubleshoot any configuration issues

As a client, you can find out about the developer’s skills by straight out asking. You could also ask for likewise examples and see how the developer can answer your questions. If he/she has a good grasp of the technologies that your project needs, you should be good to go.

Domain expertise –

Your website developer in Qatar needs to be well-aware and experienced about your particular problems. He/she needs to have the experience, common sense, and training to make the right decisions.

  • Uses WordPress rather than static code for blog sites
  • Doesn’t generally use CMS for a complicated standalone web application.
  • Cuts out refinements that are not really needed
  • What kind of security practices your site needs?
  • Find out the existing codes and plugins wherein a solution for a problem is already existing.

This you can find out by making the developer talk about the technical path they would take for your project. Find out if they have done something similar, why are they advocating such a method, and so on.

When you sit down and talk with the website developer in Qatar, you both need to work out the kinds of auxiliary knowledge the project will be needing. Find out if the developer is well established in these areas and get a general feel of how he/she can handle the project. It also goes without saying that the developer needs to be professional, reliable, ethical, and responsive.



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