• Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

Your Customers are Searching Online – Be More Visible

Every business manager or owner today understands the make-or-break importance of being more visible in online search results. It’s because new customers overwhelmingly find you through search, and unless you’re one page one, you’re nowhere. As a result, Delaware Valley businesses know that having a top Philadelphia SEO company on their side is a must. Search engine optimization is the way to become more visible online and make your website traffic increase. It’s also crucial to focus on improved user experience and making your website meet the needs of people who visit it.

A central aspect of a good SEO program is improving the content on your website. Is it user friendly? Does it include the right amount of keyword density without overdoing it? Are people who land on the home page clicking on other site pages? These are the questions search engine optimizers focus on as they fine-tune a site to make it work better. Images are also a significant consideration, and each one needs to be optimized so it doesn’t slow down the loading speed. If your site loads slowly, it will fall behind others with better loading speeds because today’s users are less patient than ever before.

If you’re just beginning to consider all of these factors, pull out your smartphone and visit your website. Then try the sites of your competitors. Compare how quickly each site loads and how the content varies by company. If you were a customer, which site would you prefer to use? If the answer is anything other than your website, then you understand the urgency of making improvements soon. Digital marketers and SEO people begin every project by analyzing a site for hundreds of factors and comparing it to other similar ones. It replicates the experience a customer has when searching.

A well-composed blog can be an asset to your website and online presence. But keep it focused on the topic of your business. Useful blogs answer questions and provide information that helps customers understand more about your products or services – and their value. On the other hand, unfocused or meandering content has less value and dilutes your blog’s meaning to search engines. Challenge yourself to write articles closely related to your topic that inform people about things they might not know about otherwise. When you’re helpful, more people will read your blog.

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