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5 Tips To Identify The Best PPC Ad Platform For Different Businesses

Most agencies pay a few more bucks to attain outstanding search results through PPC Ads. Yes, you can do it. If you want to attract your targeted audiences with less effort and less time consumption, you can definitely choose this paid advertising technique. But of course, for this, you need to have some heavy pockets. 

Many times, we found marketers hovering between Google, Facebook, and other advertising channels. Especially, the enterprises who are just new this find this totally confusing. Quite obvious.

A reputed digital agency in Delhi or New York always intends to display PPC ads on different advertising channels. Some popular ones are Facebook, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. However, you have the choice to pick the channels that you want. The rest remains untouched.

This article defines how to identify which PPC Ad platform is the best fit for different businesses. Explore the 5 points thoroughly.

5 Tips to identify the best PPC ad platform for your business

  1. Know your goal: What is your business goal? Your first and foremost step should be to know your goal and understand your business requirements. This particular step is very important when you go confused while identifying the best PPC ad platform for your business.

    Different ad platforms are designed for meeting different purposes. For example, if you consider Facebook, it increases your business outreach by building engagement. It helps you to enhance the digital presence of your business.

    Similarly, if you consider Google AdWords, it allows you to enhance your search engine rankings and make your site visible to the targeted audience.

    Two different ad platforms thus meet two different needs. Therefore, you must understand whether you need high business rankings or just want a great engagement for your ad.

  2. Understand your business type: Now the next question that we must ask you is – what is your business type? Is it a B2B business or a B2C business?
     Umm, don’t give such a weird look. It’s very important to decide on the PPC ad platform for your business. Let’s explain this. If you consider LinkedIn, it is purposely designed for B2B marketers. You will hardly find any B2C marketers advertising their products online. Similarly, if you consider Google AdWords, you will find plenty of products that are advertised at the top section of the search engine result page.

    This concludes that not all ad platforms are made for all varieties of ads. If you are running a B2B business and want to run ads based on your services, you can definitely choose LinkedIn, YouTube, or maybe mobile in-apps. On the other hand, if you have multiple products to display, you can blindly refer to Facebook, Google, Instagram, and other social media advertising platforms.

  3. Know the intent: When you are about to choose an ad platform, the intent is very important. This creates a better understanding of what your business is exactly targeting.

    Say, for example, you need your business to showcase across a wide audience through ads. In this case, you can choose Google that displays your ads to the people who are constantly searching for it, provided the keywords are relevant.

    Similarly, when you want your business products to showcase in front of your targeted audience, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media advertising channels are the best option. In this case, your ads are only viewed by the right audience. To reach the right audience, you can even filter your search results and push your ads to the prospects.

    Therefore, learning your intention about the ad is necessary. Once you are done, you can easily make your decision.

  4. Find your budget: Finally, what creates the biggest problem is the budget. PPC advertising is not cost-effective. You have to pay a few bucks to get your desired results. The more you play, the better is your results.

    For example, if you want better rankings, you have to pay more for your Google Ads. With a few more expenses, you can build brand recognition through huge likes and comments and generate huge conversions on Facebook. The same things happen for your LinkedIn, Instagram, and other ad channels.

    So, understand whether you are ready to spend the desired amount for your paid ad and then make your decision.

The Bottom Line

A couple of channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc. are noted for running powerful ad campaigns for different businesses. However, if you learn about them thoroughly, you will find not all these channels are well-fitted for all businesses.

So, friends, go through the above-mentioned tips properly and then decide which PPC advertising channel will actually bring results to your doorstep.

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Hello, I am Rohit Mehta currently based in Delhi, India. (Writer, Blogger and Digital Marketer)

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