• Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

WordPress was released in 2003, and ever since it grew as a powerful Content management system. As per reports, the market share of WordPress in the CMS industry is over 60%. It also has a contribution of about 34% out of all websites on the internet. 

While that speaks for its popularity, WordPress is known for its easy to develop environment. Even users with limited technical knowledge can create engaging websites quickly as they implement available themes. 

But, is your website lacking the unique design that sets it apart from the crowd? 

Or, do you want to add personalized and advanced functionalities to your WordPress site? 

Well, in that case, you would need help from a custom WordPress development company. They will guide you through the process and help create an engaging and unique website for your business. 

However, one might wonder what is the need for custom WordPress development when it is easy and cost-effective to develop WordPress sites on our own. If you are wondering the same, you have come to the right place. 

Why is Custom WordPress Development Needed? 

  • Professional and unique website design

WordPress alone has thousands of themes available to users for use. One can quickly integrate these themes to create a website. 

However, don’t you think there are too many people applying the same theme to their website

And, you might end up building another website that looks just the same as other thousands out there. If this website is your primary business, you might end up losing more traffic than you gain using it. 

Nonetheless, the significance of custom WordPress development services is unmatched for that matter. It allows you to create unique and dynamic website designs that can tell your brand story to the target audience. Customizing a WordPress website according to your audience will help improve user engagement and traffic generation. 

  • Quality-assured code 

When you implement an available WordPress Plugin or theme into your website, you can’t entirely rely on it. Some plugins and themes might have vulnerabilities as they use unsafe codes or might have malware. It can slow down your website and affect its security. 

However, a customized WordPress website developed by seasoned developers will ensure your site has quality codes free from various security vulnerabilities. To ensure your site doesn’t have such deprecated and malicious codes, customized WordPress development is preferred. 

  • Custom support 

When you use a free or premium WordPress theme or plugin, customizing it with other tools can be difficult. And, if you were to encounter an error in the process and required support, it would take days before you can actually get assistance. Or, in most cases, the theme or plugin developers might not regularly update it or not provide support at all. 

In such a case, you might end up in an unfamiliar situation, unaware of how to fix the issue. It won’t be the case if you hire a custom WordPress development company for the job. They will develop customized WordPress sites and provide you with the necessary support whenever needed. 

  • Only the necessary features 

When you apply an available theme to your WordPress site, you might have to compromise with some features. To use some features, you might have to implement a theme that contains several other unnecessary components. Such features can be a burden to your site. 

However, using custom WordPress development will ensure your site contains the features you actually want and nothing extra. Contacting leading WordPress development companies such as Auxesis Infotech can help you in this venture. They provide customized WordPress solutions to businesses, depending on their needs. 


Planning to build a website on WordPress? Well, that is a great choice as WordPress is known to be the best content management system platform in the market but there is a catch that you will be needing professional assistance to ace the development.

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