Sunday, December 5th, 2021

E-commerce Platform with TRON

To allow users of cryptocurrency to purchase TRX with the TRON blockchain, the E-commerce platform has integrated it., a leading cryptocurrency e-commerce platform, continues to recruit top names in the financial sector as it makes yet another significant move today. It has teamed up with Justin Sun’s blockchain project, TRON. Integrates TRON

TRON is a popular blockchain project that aims to create a truly decentralized Internet. announced Wednesday that it has signed a partnership agreement with the company to position itself as an e-commerce platform for crypto holders.

TRON uses peer-to-peer, decentralized technology to eliminate middlemen from the supply chain. This allows content creators and product developers to sell directly to consumers. Justin Sun is the leader of the blockchain platform. It currently has its native token TRX, which is among the top 30 coins listed on CoinMarketCap. The coin’s market cap is approximately $6 billion.

TRX Holders can now shop with their tokens

The press release shared with CryptoPotato explained that a part of the partnership will enable TRX holders to make purchases with their tokens on and several other top e-commerce platforms including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Etsy.

For two weeks beginning August 25, token holders of TRX will be able to enjoy a 2% discount for all items in their cart when they use the currency to purchase.

Justin Sun, founder of TRON, commented on the matter. “We are thrilled that we are partnering with in order to allow our community use $TRX on major Ecommerce websites such as Amazon,eBay and Etsy.” gives users real-world applications to their portfolio.


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