Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

FMEaddons Plugin

Custom Shipping Icons for WooCommerce

Create custom shipping icons with descriptions to make shipping methods stand out with WooCommerce custom shipping icons. It allows users to differentiate between multiple shipping methods. This plugin allows you to customize icons with customs images and shipping icons. WooCommerce custom Shipping Icons enable you to add custom shipping icons on the product, cart, and checkout pages. The plugin allows you to set position, Icons sizes, and text color according to your website theme. You can add different zones shipping methods with carrier logos. It helps customers to choose shipping methods without any confusion with icons and descriptions.

Price Guaranteed

Enables customers to share prices of a different store which are selling the same product at a lower price with Name your price WooCommerce. It allows you to beat competitor prices which results in increased sales and engagements. You can sell the product at the same price and even at a lower price than your competitors. WooCommerce name your price plugin helps you generate coupon codes for a specific product. It will help users to save money and build trust among customers. Admin can set coupon usage limit and expiration date for a specific coupon. This plugin allows both registered users and guest users to avail themselves of a coupon code. You can customize the size, fields, and colors of the popup.

Open Close

WooCommerce open close plugin helps you to add open-close store timings on daily basis. It automatically opens and closes the store on the respective timing set by the owner.  You can add business hours and also include break time as per your schedule. Modify your messages according to your own needs. With the help of the order hours scheduler for WooCommerce, you can add customized messages when the store is open or close and also set messages for a break. This extension will let you hide the cart button to prevent shopping at closed timings.  You can customize the popup of closing and opening on multiple pages of the store.

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