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“To know some interesting and mind-blowing pizza facts, kindly give this blog a good read now”.

Now who doesn’t love pizzas – in fact, they are the ultimate love of my life because the cheesy slices can make me smile at any time of the day. I am a food blogger and I love to experiment with different types of pizzas every once in a while.

So if you are a pizza lover like me, then you need to know some of these interesting pizza facts. So without any further delay, kindly read the rest of this blog.

The first interesting fact is that no, pizza is not from Italy! Its origin goes back to ancient times. Although there is a huge controversy related to this, you must know that the Greeks and Egyptians were cooking something like a flatbread much before Italy started making it. Surprised? Even I was!

The second fun fact for you is that Americans love pizza so much that they consume around 100 acres of pizza daily according to research! Yes, you read that right.

Do you have any idea about the most expensive pizza in the world? No? Well, it costs a whopping $12000! It is available at Luis XIII in Salerno, Italy and if you order this, the chef will come to your house and make it in your kitchen. They use lobster from Norway, Cilento, mozzarella cheese, etc. for making this masterpiece. So think twice before you make the next big investment!

How many times have you ordered these triangles from good pizza delivery downtown and kept a few slices as leftovers so that you can have them for breakfast the next morning? I am pretty sure that you have done this several times. Don’t worry as 36% of Americans do the same. They treat pizzas as a breakfast meal.

One of the most popular pizza toppings is pepperoni. Most people go for this topping when compared to other kinds of toppings.

This is quite bizarre but the Russian Space Agency was indeed paid more than a million bucks to deliver a pizza to the International Space Station in the year 2001. Can you imagine having your fav food while in orbit?

Did you know that homo sapiens are not the only ones who love pizzas! Pizzas are available for the furry babies as well, made of flour, celery, carrots, and parmesan cheese. So now you know how to surprise your pup on this birthday.

Like a lot of other foods, pizzas also have been experimented with within other parts of the world. For example, chefs use green peas as toppings in Brazil; whereas, in France, they use fried eggs. These twists make it a universally flattering food item.

As a pizza lover, you must also know that this food item has even inspired an art show.

By the way, the outer edge of the slices is known as Cornicone.

And do you know what is the least favorite pizza topping? Well, you caught me right – anchovies.

According to a study by scientists in the year 2014, Mozzarella makes the best pizza cheese.

You should also know that there is a pizza museum in Philadelphia, full of pizza-related items. So when in Philadelphia, don’t forget to visit the museum. There are many halal restaurants in Swissvale that offer tasty halal foods.

Pizzerias sell the maximum number of pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday, New Year, Thanksgiving, and during other such festivals.

Now that you have gone through this blog, I am pretty sure you are hungry. So what are you waiting for? Call the nearest pizza delivery Pittsburgh now and get fresh slices of pizzas delivered to your doorstep.

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