Sunday, December 5th, 2021

Funny Skyrim Video Shows NPCs Stuck on Waterfall

While it’s still a lot of fun to play after all these years, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is certainly starting to show its age every time someone revisits the game as they’re bound to experience a hilarious glitch or two. One fan noticed a large group of NPCs being pushed to the edge of a waterfall only for each one to try getting over it once more after each fall.

Posted to the Skyrim subreddit by user MelonBottle, the video is pretty funny and shows just how far video game AI has come since 2011. These sorts of unintelligent NPCs aren’t particularly uncommon in Skyrim, however, they don’t usually congregate in such large groups doing such illogical things.

It seems like the city guards are trying to make their way to a dragon skeleton located just over the hill next to the water, but can’t seem to figure out how to get there. As the slow camera pan between the two comically points out, there are much easier paths that the guards could take. This video alone serves as proof as to why escaping prison in Skyrim is as simple as it is.

With the large number of people still playing Skyrim, the game and its numerous bugs and glitches seem to be the type of gift that keeps on giving. Skyrim is known for its hilarious bugs and videos like the one posted by MelonBottle serve as a nice reminder that, no matter how many updates, patches, or upgraded versions are released for the title, it’ll still be the Skyrim that came out in 2011.

In terms of Skyrim rereleases, Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is set to release later this year for current generation consoles. There’s plenty of new content in it, most notably done by the Skyrim community in the form of over 500 Creation Club mods. This seems like it’s going to be the last update to Skyrim as Bethesda Game Studios shifts its focus to supporting and wrapping up production on Starfield.

As with every major update to the game, there will likely be some new, never before seen glitches introduced with Skyrim: Anniversary Edition, so fans can look forward to seeing more bugged-out NPCs when the game launches later in November. As proof by the countless glitches posted alongside MelonBottle’s video on the Skyrim subreddit, it’s certainly not a perfect game, but it’s still beloved nonetheless.

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