• Wed. Apr 21st, 2021


When you grow older, and skin discolorations tend to show on your skin, don’t you just hate it? Were you conscious that this skin discoloration is an indication that the skin is damaged and unhealthy? When you get older, the skin becomes more vulnerable to changes in age spot formation and pigmentation. Your skin is continuously exposed to the sun’s UV rays over the years. It’s this radiation that causes a change in skin pigmentation, whether it be a full tan, darker and more dull skin, or localized brown age spots.

UV radiation is obviously not good for the skin. This is why we’ve been told since we were kids to always wear sunscreen when going outside for extended periods. The reason for this is to prevent melanocytes in your skin from producing melanin, which is the pigment that’s produced to absorb UV radiation, so it does not cause your skin or body any severe harm.

So what is it that causes skin pigment discoloration? It’s the overexposure to UV radiation, which stimulates the production of melanin within the skin. The more radiation these pigments have to absorb to protect your health, the darker your skin gets, and the less radiant it becomes.

What Kind of Pigmentation Treatment Will Safely Brighten Skin?

Simply put, melanin production must be reduced and minimized to brighten your skin. There are many facial pigmentation treatments such as Chemical Peel, Profractional Laser, Skin Lightening Lift, etc. available to help brighten your skin. With less melanin present in your skin, it will become naturally lighter and more radiant.

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Your skin is tough, but even the toughest skin needs help sometimes.

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