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Meditation Techniques to Improve Concentration

Kushagra Bhatnagar

ByKushagra Bhatnagar

Jan 5, 2021

Rays of light emanate from the bulb in all directions and circulate energy. If you are standing five feet away from the bulb, you can see the light but not feel the heat, even though there is great heat in the center of the bulb. 

As you go closer to this light, your light will come to you faster. Similarly your mind and mind also have infinite power, but it dissipates in all directions. The mind thinks about different things at the same time, rather than thinking deeply or focusing on any one subject. Therefore, the average mind does not make full use of its power. This is known as our concentration.

 What is concentration

School going children mostly say that they understand things but do not remember or forget quickly and as a school counselor, we have to see this common problem. So let us know what are the reasons which cause problems in the concentration level of children or youth.

 Reasons of lack of concentration and focus in students – due to lack of concentration

  1. Threat and emotional stress

In our everyday life, apart from studies, there are many things due to which we get physically and mentally exhausted and after that when we sit reading, the mind cannot concentrate due to fatigue. Apart from this, if there is any emotional stress such as beating a teacher or parents or quarreling with a friend, then there is a lot of problem in concentrating the mind in studies.

  1. Get less sleep

In this era of technology, almost everyone has their own phone. Students often keep themselves awake at night, on the phone or in the TV. If you sleep less at night, you will sleep during the day and you will not be able to concentrate in your studies. During the exam time, students study till late night and think that they will be able to read more, but it does not happen and then they are not able to perform well in the exam because of sleep.

  1. Do not eat properly

Balanced food is very important for our body and mind, and if we do not eat properly at the right time, we will have weakness in our body due to which tiredness will be felt quickly, mind will not concentrate in one place and problem in understanding and remembering things. Will be

  1. Body ache

If we are sitting and studying, if there is pain or injury in any part of our body, then there is a lot of problem in concentrating the mind because we constantly think about the same.

  1. Environment

Things around us also dissolve concentration many times, such as when you sit reading and suddenly someone tells you work. Or there is a lot of noise in the neighborhood or any of your favorite films are coming on TV, in such a situation it is very difficult to concentrate.

This was some common problem that happens to everyone. Apart from this, everyone has their own problems. Let us now tell you about some such exercises, by which you can concentrate your mind to some extent.

Sit on the chair

This is a classical exercise which has been used for a long time. In this we have to sit on a chair for some time, it is not so easy. First of all, we have to sit completely relaxed and comfortable, there is no physical activity and the mind has to concentrate completely and do this for at least 15 minutes every day. This helps us a lot in concentrating the mind.

Catch sight of

This exercise is done in two ways, the first way is to sit in a chair and raise your hand to the front and shoulders and focus on your fingers. Do this as long as you feel comfortable then repeat the same action with the other hand. The concentration level can be increased by doing this exercise 15 to 20 minutes daily.

The other way is to fill the glass in your hand with water and try to make the water move at least and then do the same with the other hand.

The purpose of doing both these exercises is that we can control our movements and unnecessary movements can be controlled.

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Kushagra Bhatnagar is a Yoga Lover, Writer, Traveler and blogger having deep knowledge about yoga asanas, ayurveda and meditation techniques. You can find him practicing Yoga at Rishikesh YTTC or hiking somewhere in the Himalayas.
Kushagra Bhatnagar

Kushagra Bhatnagar

Kushagra Bhatnagar is a Yoga Lover, Writer, Traveler and blogger having deep knowledge about yoga asanas, ayurveda and meditation techniques.

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