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Colour Ideas For Your Window Treatment – Our Guide

Your eyes exist for a reason: to see colours. Colours give life to everything you see around you. Thus, it would be entirely ridiculous to ban colours from your home. Neutral and pastel colours may be calming, but those hues can dull your enthusiasm for life over time. Bright, bold colours, however, can fuel the drive to live and be unique. This is the amazing psychological power of colour. By picking the right colours or colour combinations, you can create the ambiance you want to have in your home, particularly with your window blinds.

Window treatment colours: options

Windows let you look outside and allow natural light to come in. You can use blinds to modulate the amount of light in your place. But what would your blinds look like when they are closed? Maximize your blinds by using them as a means to express your personality or create an atmosphere in certain rooms. If you find painting your walls or putting up wallpaper a hassle, coloured window blinds are your best alternative. You don’t have to go with the colour of the day or year, but the colour you choose should at least complement the space.

Radical red

A colour associated with power and strength, red fans the flames of nonconformity. It stands out in a way that only neon colours and yellow do. It can give even the gray lifelessness of unpainted concrete walls the vigor of life-giving blood. Since it will only be covering your windows, it won’t feel overwhelming. If you want to make a statement, such as an overt expression of confidence, a patch of crimson lining your windows is your best bet.

Yelling yellow

Readers of yellowbacks (i.e. cheap, sensational novels with a yellow binding) find such books striking, and yellow blinds can evoke the same feeling. They virtually yell for attention from the walls because they’re so bright. If you want to highlight certain corners of your house, yellow blinds will help you do so. But because of its hyperactive vibe, blinds of this colour are best placed in the kitchen and dining area to enhance appetite.

Oddball Orange

Orange is a cross between red and yellow, which gives it a subdued yet attention-getting feel. You can use orange as a surprise feature in bathrooms or in other rooms where your guests are least likely to expect it. Orange isn’t as bright as yellow, nor is it as bold as red. Nevertheless, it combines the bold and bright aspects of both colours and balances them out for a fresh look.

Green options: grassy or glowing

Bring nature into your home by using dark green window blinds. Dark green and olive green evoke feelings of rejuvenation and freshness. If you go for window blinds that use these colours, they will serve to connect the outside world with your interior. Living rooms and study areas are the best spaces to place blinds of this colour.

If you find dark green too boring, you can choose a brighter shade of green: neon green. It will also make your windows stand out the same way as yellow does, but it’s easier on the eyes compared to yellow.

Bucolic blue

The colour blue is an even more peaceful and relaxing colour for window blinds. It is a timeless colour that’s always in fashion because of the sense of serenity it brings. Blue blinds are perfect for study areas, bedrooms, and lounges. There are several shades of blue you can choose from deep-sea blue to teal, depending on the level of excitement you want your window to have. But regardless of the level of brightness, all shades of blue tend to make those who see it feel calmer.

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