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The Maintenance Guide for Ziptrak Blinds in Southwest

Ziptrak Blinds are specially designed by Australian engineers, by using them in Southwest, you will get high-quality functionality that seamlessly integrates without any zips, cords, or wires. They are easy to operate, robust, and provide considerable performance without compromising on the style.

Several maintenance steps are needed to keep the blinds in peak condition. Moving on to the maintenance, you need to know the materials used in the composition of Ziptrak. Some of the common ones include:

  • PVC
  • Privacy Mesh
  • Mesh Shade Weave

The most common material that people prefer to use is PVC. Here’s our guide to keeping your Ziptrak in top-notch condition:

The Cleaning Tips for Ziptrak

The outdoor blinds in Southwest remain exposed to different elements, so they need cleaning regularly. It allows the frequent removal of dirt and debris from the blinds to prevent stains or damages. Here are some cleaning tips that you need to keep in mind to get the best results:

  • The PVC blinds are penetrable, which makes them prone to scratches. So, don’t use any rubbing equipment or strong detergents.
  • To remove the layers of dust, debris, and insects use either a sponge or smooth microfiber cloth and cold soapy water to clean the blinds.
  • Use the mild detergent for cleaning PVC outdoor shade blinds.
  • Wait for blinds to dry before rolling them up.
  • Avoid using high pressures hoses during cleaning.
  • If you have mesh blinds, use a soft bristle broom to brush away the dust, or you can use a light hose spray with a cloth and soapy water to clean it up.
  • Avoid using bore water in the cleaning process as it is harsh and can damage the blind.
  • Clean the bird dropping or dead bugs as soon as you see them. It will prevent stubborn dirt from building up.

The process doesn’t stop at cleaning the blinds. Other components also need your attention:

  • After the outdoor roller blinds have cleaned and rolled up, it is time to clean the tracks, spline tapes, and tacks using cold water.
  • Once cleaned, use a lubricant on the track. Also, use a silicone spray on tack and tape.
  • Lastly, avoid using any oil-based lubricants.

How Often To Clean The Ziptrak?

Due to continuous exposure to dirt, the experts recommend cleaning them every three to six months. This regular clean up ensures that the blinds will remain in good condition for several years to come. Simply, the beginning of every season as a reminder to clean up the outdoor blinds.

Additional Care Tips & Maintenance

The Ziptrak blinds are a hefty investment, so your ultimate goal should be to keep them in good condition as long as possible. In addition to keeping it clean, you can also follow the steps mentioned below to maintain Ziptrak blinds in Southwest in good condition so it can work with the smooth operation:

  • After installation, keep them down for a maximum time during the first month. It will allow the material to get adjusted to the weather conditions.
  • During the stormy and windy seasons, you should entirely or partially retract the blinds. It allows for movement and prevents damages from flying debris.
  • The Ziptrak shades you get from Outdoor Blinds Southwest should be entirely pulled back in extreme weather conditions.
  • If the blinds are semi-wet, avoid rolling them up entirely, or it will create the cast to form.

The Ziptrak blinds add a touch of style and versatility to your home. So, properly maintaining them is very important. It ensures that the blinds will last for several years to come.


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