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Interesting Facts about Lisa Blackpink

Lalisa Manoban or who is often called Lisa, is the youngest Blackpink member in her group. Lately, Blackpink’s Lisa has been busy talking after her successful solo debut with the single “Lalisa”.

The single was very well received. Lisa broke the solo artist record with the most-viewed MV within 24 hours of its broadcast.

Quoted from Soompi, in a full day, the music video “Lalisa” has been watched 73.6 million times. Lisa beat Taylor Swift’s record with the song “Me!” which was released 2019. At that time, this video clip got 65.2 million views in the first 24 hours.

It doesn’t stop there, this video clip has also been watched 100 million times in two days.

Behind her success as a K-Pop Idol which has become a trend, maybe many fans don’t know interesting facts about Lisa Blackpink. Here are some interesting facts about Blackpink’s Lisa, which are summarized.

1. Successfully Passed the Audition to Become a K-Pop Idol

The training process to join a group in South Korea is not easy, it is very strict and takes years, including the four-member girl group, Blackpink. After auditioning in her home country, Thailand in 2010, Lisa moved to Seoul to train aspiring pop stars under her agency, YG Entertainment.

Lisa practices a week for 12 hours per day with other idol candidates. His abilities are assessed in monthly tests for singing, dancing, and rapping. Even though she had a language barrier, Lisa managed to get through the five-year training period.

“You get a score of A, B, C,” said Lisa, when sharing her experience at the Blackpink member audition.

2. Become the Best Dancer in Blackpink

As the title implies, Lisa’s debut does focus on the persona of a LALISA who is so charming. (YouTube BLACKPINK)
Among Blackpink fans known as Blink, Lisa is famous for her dancing skills. He often uploads his dancing videos on his personal Youtube page.

Other Blackpink members also pointed to Lisa as the member with the most reliable dance moves, so Rosé called her the “Dancing Machine” in the group.

3. Become a Fashion Icon

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is known to have a cool hip hop style. You can mix and match a crop bomber jacket with cargo pants. Add a beanie as an accessory to enhance your hip hop look. (Instagram/lalalalisa_m).
In January 2019, photographer, fashion designer and artistic director for the Celine brand, Hedi Slimane, chose Lisa as his latest inspiration. The K-Pop star sat in the front row at the Paris Men’s Fashion Week event in June 2019. Then Lisa also became a model and brand ambassador for Celine during her visit to the headquarters of the Paris fashion house.

Lisa also regularly wears the label in her day-to-day style as a promotion, earning her a spot on the pages of Vogue, V Magazine, and other leading fashion publications.

4. The cutest member in Blackpink

In the game “How Well Do You Know Your Group Friends?” Other Blackpink members called Lisa a person who embarrassed herself. “Lisa just makes a lot of jokes; she’s like a clown” says Rosé.

“Yes, he will be the one to crack jokes, but when we give him the stage, he gets really embarrassed.” added Jennie agreed.

5. K-Pop Idols with the Most Followers on Instagram

Lisa’s beauty is displayed in a swag, girl crush and elegant style in the music video. The song itself is packaged in a thick Hip Hop genre. (YouTube BLACKPINK)
With 61.3 million followers, Lisa is the most followed K-pop Idol on Instagram. Followed by other Blackpink members in second place, Jennie with 52.7 million, Rosé with 47.5 million followers, and finally Jisoo with 47.2 million followers on Instagram.

In addition to having a beautiful face, it turns out that Lisa also has achievements and an entertaining nature. Those are interesting facts about Lisa Blackpink that fans of this girl group must know.

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