The theme song for “101st National High School Rugby”, which will start on December 27, was decided by Ketsumeishi’s “Days of Continued Running”, and was announced on the 25th by MBS TV.

According to the bureau, Ketsumeishi, who received the offer, “sympathized with the pureness of high school ruggerman” and agreed. I wrote a new song for this tournament.

The speedy melody expresses a sense of speed and the presence of a rugby field. The song will be included in the new album “Ketsunopolis 12” released on December 1st.

Ketsumeishi’s comments are as follows.

Recalling the “teenage” that we had forgotten, the song was refreshing for Ketsumeishi. It would be great if high school ruggermen could support their feelings by listening to them before playing. Also, I definitely want you to listen to it even after graduating from high school.

Music production started with the idea of ​​vocal RYOJI. It’s more pop and tempo than the usual Ketsumeishi song, so I had a little trouble with the lyrics.

(The image of rugby) There is an image of sports as intense as martial arts, and it seems very painful to hit them. Also, I think the word “no side” that respects the opponent after the match is very good, which is hard to find in other sports.

(For high school ruggermen) At this time, I think there were some teams that couldn’t keep practicing, such as “Don’t make contact” at some schools. In my third year of high school, I would like to thank you for your support from various places, and I want you to take advantage of one chance, one game at a time, and get out to the end.