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New Education Policy: Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions

The lone column for schooling is “Educators”. They are the strategy creators, implementers. What NEP asks for from training isn’t just skilling or planning individuals for occupation however to make deep rooted students. To develop kids in a setting that they gain from sanskriti, ought to have sanskars and ought to have saansarik gyaan.


NEP attempts to separate imaginative reasoning outlook. It attempts to zero in on FLN, establishment, proficiency and numeracy abilities implanted with youth instruction. The strategy gets various decisions, multidisciplinary learning, and numerous chances constantly. NEP universalises training at all levels. It has obviously endeavored to fill a few holes since quite a while ago felt in the school area.


The eradication of free and obligatory instruction from Grade 1 to 8 to Pre School and Secondary Level is welcome. Augmentation of RTE upto 18 years is valued yet ought to be straightforward. Examination based instruction in optional schools will get development the country.


From the examination done in numerous nations around the planet it has been discovered that legitimate schooling to offspring of 3 to 6 years old can lead the improvement of mentally and scholastically solid residents. NEP will give a uniform educational program all through independent of private, public and government schools.


NEP is considering the earnest requirement for setting up our cutting edge for 4.0 Industry. Changing our country into impartial and feasible information based society is a test. Unexpectedly an arrangement is focussing on sensible, inventive and imaginative intuition as opposed to on the memory.


In India we have done what’s needed for the advancement of emotional wellness of a kid however we have not done what’s necessary for the improvement of hands. We have neglected to propel our understudies to be a handyman, woodworker, circuit tester who can address the issues of the general public. The new instruction strategy will diminish the unequal instructive development of our country.

Understudies are given the opportunity of selection of subjects, decision of college as far as scholastic bank of credits. Strategy perceives that instructors’ preparation is significant as school training structures the establishment of advanced education.

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Sabir Khan

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