• Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

Boudoir Shoots: Props and Ideas to Use in 2021

“To know about the props and ideas you can use this year for your boudoir shoot, kindly read this article now”.

Boudoir is a beautiful form of expressing yourself and capturing the hidden side of you. It is an experience and every woman deserves to celebrate her body through such a shoot.

If you are thinking of getting it done this 2021, make sure you do it right! In this blog, I will talk about some trending props and ideas that will fetch you more likes on Insta if you use them. And yes, please do not go DIY as the quality differs to a huge extent.

For excellent boudoir photos, choose a trustworthy team. You can get it done in your house, a hotel, or the studio – the options are open. Boudoir is an art form and you must pay attention to details so that each and every picture comes out impeccable. There shouldn’t be any flaws in the pictures. Let your creative ideas flow and make sure you discuss everything with the team so that there are no last-minute hiccups.

Go for beautiful outfits such as lacy lingerie, sexy corsets, or the classic tank top and panties. You can go Boho, play the geeky goddess or turn up as the cute student!

And here are some of the props and ideas you can make the most of this year.


Yes, it is such a simple prop but can do wonders for the pictures. Try to go for a dark and gloomy theme so that the barstool shines out! You can pose in so many different ways with it. Choosing the backdrop, in this case, is extremely crucial.


Secondly, you can go for a bathtub. Think royal, think vintage! You can get the shoot done in a nice hotel for this one. From dry tub to bubble baths – the possibilities are endless. You can add foam, flowers, and glitters for that added drop of glam!

His socks

If you are getting it done for bae, then wearing his socks can make it more personal and touching. He would love you for that!

Think beyond his tee this year.


Do you want to go over the top? Are you the diva in the group who always overdresses? Then you would love the ostrich feather wings idea. Use it as a prop to look powerful. It will make you look desirable and exquisite. You can also have a lot of fun while doing this for boudoir photos. What’s wrong with doing something out of the box and feeling like Victoria’s Secret model for a change? You won’t go for such a shoot every day!


2020 has made us realize how important the open sky, fresh air, and nature are! The basics. So why not get it done out in the open, amidst an exotic location? It could also be your well-decorated garden! Perfect for your boudoir album.


You can get a rug as well for your boudoir shoot. It will help you create wonderful images!

So now that you know it, book your boudoir photography appointment now. You would love it!

Author Bio: Mia, a blogger on boudoir photography and boudoir shoot, writes on 2021 boudoir props. To know about boudoir album options and photos, read her blogs and articles.

Mia is a lifestyle blogger who writes on various aspects of life.

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