• Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

No two people will like the same sport for the same reasons. But whatever sports you like, having more knowledge makes playing and watching them more enjoyable. Therefore, if you’re interested in ping pong, you’ll want to learn more about it. Gaining more knowledge spans everything from the rules and shot technique to the finer points of a table tennis racket. Taking steps to learn the rules is always the best way to begin. Reading about them in a more structured way is preferable to picking them up at random times. The goal is to avoid needing to unlearn incorrect things as your understanding develops.

Developing a complete understanding of how to score a table tennis game comes right after learning the rules. Games today go to 11 points with the serve rotating two per player. It’s a departure from the original method of 21-point games with five serves for each player. If there is a table tennis center in your area, it could be fun to spend some time there playing and observing other more advanced players’ games. If you become more interested and can afford it, consider having a coach. They will help you develop better habits and technique from the start, which is an advantage later on.

When you go shopping for your first table tennis racket, deciding on a grip will be a significant consideration. You have options, and it’s wise to become well informed about them before deciding. Players view the differences among them as advantages and disadvantages – but opinions are quite different about what is desirable or not. Once you become accustomed to a grip, it’s unlikely you’ll change it later on. So, it’s a choice that impacts your game forever. The grip contributes to putting speed and spin on the ball, which are the two most essential playing techniques.

Training, as opposed to only practicing by playing, also makes a difference. Training drills help you become comfortable with individual elements of good table tennis playing techniques. Footwork is an excellent example of one. Drills and training can make a big difference in your proficiency. Watching pro played or even the more advanced players at your local ping pong center is enlightening. You’ll see how each one uses techniques to his advantage in winning games. Online video of pro matches also allows you to view games from around the world where ping pong is played at a high level of skill.

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