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5 things to do when your employment pass status expired

Being a Singapore employment pass holder has a lot of perks in Singapore. Aside from having a high salary with annual increases, you can open bank accounts and even buy properties. However, an employment pass Singapore visa is not something permanent. In fact, like any other employment visa in Singapore, it will eventually expire.


Usually, the Ministry of Manpower gives notice to the employer or the Singapore employment pass holder about the expiration 6 months prior to the expiry date. This is to give time for the employer and the employment pass Singapore holder to renew the pass. However, despite that, the E Pass employment visa still expires, below are the 5 things that you should do.


#1 – Figure out what will you do next


The first thing that you should do is figure out what you should do next after the Singapore employment pass expires. There are two scenarios that you should think of. That is whether you will stay in Singapore or you will leave the country. This is important so that you will be able to know your next step after the employment pass Singapore expiration.


#2 – You need to re-apply for the Singapore employment pass


If you wish to stay in Singapore, you need to re-apply for an employment visa. If you wish to remain with the current employer, your employer must reapply for the Singapore employment pass on your behalf. If you decide to change employers, your new employer must apply for a new employment pass Singapore visa. Aside from the E Pass, you can apply for the other work visas like the S Pass or the EntrePass as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. The bottom line is after the E Pass expires, you must apply for another employment visa immediately so you can stay in Singapore.


#3 – You must settle everything with the employer


If you decide to not apply for the Singapore employment pass and to leave the country permanently, there are things that you need to settle before you can leave. First, you need to settle things with your employer such as salaries, benefits, and other work-related issues. Usually, the most important thing that the employment pass Singapore holder must settle is the tax clearance. 


It is vital that the foreign worker must clear all his or her dues after the employment visa expires. The employer is not permitted to release the remaining payments due to you unless you get a tax clearance certificate from the IRAS. You are only allowed to get a certificate once your taxes are all paid. Thus, it is essential that you check with the IRAS about your remaining tax dues.


#4 – You must settle your other endeavors in Singapore outside of work


Aside from the settlement with your employer, you should also settle your other non-work-related endeavors in Singapore. One of them is your lease or property bought. It is a must that you sell the property as soon as possible if you will leave Singapore permanently. If you rented a home, make sure to inform your landlord about the expiration of your employment pass Singapore visa. You need to settle dues with the landlord and get the deposit if there is. 


In addition, you should also close the accounts you opened in Singapore such as banks and utility providers. If you have children that have stayed with you in Singapore, it is important to settle with their educational institutions. Figure out what procedures should be done if a student will leave school during the middle of the academic year because of an employment visa expiry. 


#5 – You only had one month left to stay in Singapore


Overall, you only have a month to do all the things mentioned above. That is because after the Singapore employment pass expires, you will be given a Short-Term Visit Pass. This pass will only allow you to stay for another month in Singapore. This is done so the former employment pass Singapore holder has sufficient time to settle what needs to be settled before leaving Singapore. The Short-Term Visit Pass can be renewed but it needs a valid reason why you need an extension.


Learn more about the E Pass protocols


Being a holder of any employment visa in Singapore has guidelines and conditions that one must meet. This is essential so a foreign worker in Singapore can enjoy the benefits of being a Singapore employment pass holder. If you have plans of coming to Singapore to work, it is a must that you need to learn about employment pass Singapore facts. This is so you’ll know what you are going to get into when you applied for an employment visa in Singapore. 

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